Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Birds of a Feather

We are all totally shocked!!

In this episode, we find Jessica traveling again. This time it's to see her niece Victoria. Victoria is going to get married! But Jessica hasn't met her fiance yet, so she goes to San Francisco to meet Howard and attend the wedding.

The three are supposed to go out to dinner together, but Howard has to work late. Again. Victoria is pretty upset about this, and even though Howard says they can have dinner together tomorrow, she's thinking he might have to work late again and "god knows, [she] wouldn't want to drag you away from a client!" And then she finds lipstick on his handkerchief. So, she's pretty, um, upset to put it lightly.

[Side note: why don't people carry handkerchiefs anymore? I think it was a lovely tradition, and should they ever come back in style, I'm ready and willing to embroider a couple for my husband - who I'm sure would never come home with another woman's lipstick on it!]

Of course, she confesses to Jessica that she went to visit him at work but he hasn't worked there in a month! What is Howard up to we must wonder. She thinks it might be time to spy on him, but has a moral dilemma. Should she spy if she trusts him? Yes, Jessica, says, she must for peace of mind! So they head on over to a place on the matchbook that Victoria has found.

So they go. Victoria name drops Jessica Fletcher to get a table. They are there, but something seems strange to JBF. She can't quite put her finger on it. And then Michelle Dupont comes out to sing.

But Michelle isn't exactly Michelle. Michelle isn't the woman you expect ... just as Jessica and Victoria are realizing they are at a drag club, someone is screaming, someone is running, and someone is shouting to stop him! So they do.


Yep, MSW had an episode based around a drag night club. I'm not sure how brave that was when it first aired in 1984, but I'm guessing it was an interesting choice at that time. Of course, if they really wanted to push the envelope, there might have been one gay person in the episode. Alas, not sure how that would fly in 1984.

Anyway, turns out he's not cheating on Victoria - he just has a secret job because he wanted to provide for her but he just couldn't tell her.

And oh, he didn't kill the dead guy. Despite the police thinking he did so.

Naturally, Jessica will not stand for her soon to be nephew-in-law to be accused of murder. He must be innocent. She is going to prove that Howard did not kill Mr. Drake, and the police office on the case, Novack, isn't particularly thrilled by this.

Mr. Drake is not adored by many. Or maybe no one at all. No one seems broken up over his death, so there is a lot of people for Jessica to look into.

There is Mrs. Drake - who wasn't very in love with her husband.
There is Michelle Dupont - who is Mrs. Drake's lover.
There is Freddy York, who wants to leave the club but Mr. Drake won't let him.
And Bill Patterson - Freddy's manager

Jessica questions and noses about in her usual manner, and naturally, she solves the case! Did you figure it out? Or did you get thrown off?

Speaking of figuring things out, I'm still trying to really decide how to proceed with this blog. I want to blog every episode, but want more than just a recap. I'm hoping to throw in a story from my life right now, or some fun facts, or something. I've got a few ideas floating around. Of course, today's post comes without any fun anecdotes about my life or fun facts. Good thing I don't need to be clever enough to commit a murder with JBF around, because clearly, I would fail.

Oh, I do have something to share ... I was just gifted the DVD of the MSW movies! I'm so excited. I've only ever seen most of one of them, so the three other movies will be totally new to me! Now, to blog them after I've gotten through the whole tv series, or sprinkle them in? Hmm ... it's a mystery! ;-) 

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