Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Deadly Lady

Don't look at me like that Jessica, I know my desk is messy!
Today's episode has us back in Cabot Cove ... Jessica's home town, with all her friends around here. And on tonight's episode there is something peculiar, and we mean murder peculiar!

There's a hurricane a coming ... Jessica just wants to write three more paragraphs, but then the power goes out, so she has to take a break. Her friend Ethan stops by to make sure she is okay (by the way, I love Ethan and their friendship!) Can you believe it, someone might be out in the water but no one can get to them before the storm passes!

We zoom ahead to the morning and after Jessica takes her morning jog, she finds Ralph in her yard. Ralph wants to do some work in exchange for food, because he doesn't take hand outs. Jessica, naturally because of her kindness, feeds him and tells him work to do. But, he knows that he is not actually a hobo. Her words are "you're full of clam dip!" (side note: can we make that an actual saying that people use today because I just think it's a great little zinger).

Then the phone rings and Sheriff needs Jessica's help because there might have been a murder! A boat is being towed in and it's coming in with one less person than it left with. Three daughters come in and their father has gone. He apparently fell off the boat - or did he? Because not everyone seems so torn up that daddy has fallen overboard.

Me! In a sweater I knit!
When Jessica meets one of the daughters - Nan  - Jessica notices her knit sweater and asks if she knit it herself. I love that she asked that. We'd never think to ask someone that today, would we? Not unless we knew them, and knew they were a knitter. It turns out Nan didn't knit it, but she did design it. I wished she had actually knit it. I'm a knitter. I love knitting. Like, I really love knitting. I have knit many a thing while watching some MSW!

Anyway, Jessica goes back home and her and Ralph have a tender moment. Ralph is admiring her late husband's pipe and Jessica offers it to him. Jessica tears up, and it's really sweet. And I wish I could jump through the computer and give her a hug because it's hard to lose someone whom you love so much. I haven't lost a spouse, and I imagine there's a different level of grief there. So the scene, albeit brief, is heartbreaking.

At some point, Jessica realizes that the story the daughters have told about dear old dad can't possibly be true. Maggie admits to shooting her father! How could she? They fought, over nothing that matters now, and she shot him. Her sisters come to her defense: Maggie put up with a lot and her father just wasn't very kind about it.

At this point, you know some thing's up. We're only 25ish minutes into the episode, so it just can't be that easy, can it?

Nope, the next day, the father's body is found. And would you know it? It was Ralph. Ralph was not really Ralph. He was Stephen Earl - the father.

But wait. How could Maggie have shot him several days ago when he was just at Jessica's house the day before? This is all so confusing, isn't it?

Turns out, Maggie didn't shoot him after all! The story was made up - it was just a scheme! They were trying to get one of the sister's former fiances caught because they felt he was only interested in her money. They faked the shooting/death to smoke Terry out and prove he only wanted money.

But Stephen/Ralph is dead. So who did it?

Well, you'll have to keep watching to find out. If your head is spinning right now, it's okay, just keep watching. Eventually it all makes sense! Trust me on this =)

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